Planning for retirement doesn't have to be difficult.

Retirement planning is not just all about assets, investments, and net worth. Its about how you feel and what you want. Its about identifying your expectations, concerns and goals, and developing a plan to achieve your needs, wants, and wishes.

Source: MoneyGuidePro

Our unique value proposition

The problem with our industry is that many advisers/brokers are more concerned about managing their own wealth than yours.  Few invest professionals expend the time & energy necessary to have a true expert-level understanding of the investments they recommend.  This is why we’ve seen an increase in the number of firms outsourcing this all-important function.  Though outsourcing can help a firm to gather assets, it can also be a process rife with conflicts of interest.  Outsourcing also tends to distance the client from meaningful asset management decisions.

That’s not our approach.

We offer clients custom solutions tailored to their individual needs and risk tolerance levels.   Our team members are actively engaged in the investment due diligence process–a practice we feel results in more timely and actionable information for clients.  Furthermore, we always act in your best interest.  As a fiduciary, that is our legal and ethical commitment to you.  When you interface with our team, you can rest assured knowing that you will always receive a thoughtful and measured response.

I launched this firm in 2001 with the goal of doing business the right way.  Now, with almost 40 years of financial services industry experience, I am more invigorated than ever to help shepherd clients through their financial landscape, and mentor the next generation of well-intended advisors to carry forth my vision.

Clients’ interests come first

In an effort to act with complete transparency and always put our clients’ interests first, as required by the Investment Advisers Act of 1940, Gordon Asset Management, LLC is one of only a handful of firms in NC to annually be vetted for its adherence to the best practices of global fiduciary standards of excellence by an independent by an independent credentialing and training organization, the Centre for Fiduciary Excellence ( The firm has completed the peer review process every year since 2008.